Drifts is a nomadic art platform that organizes transcultural festivals annually in different regions of Helsinki. It seeks to engage with critical dialogues and address urgent societal issues through audiovisual, performative and discursive practices. Drifts fosters a space beyond cultural, geographical and disciplinary boundaries. It contributes to the cultural plurality by engaging with diverse neighborhoods and communities in the city.
All the events are free entrance for everyone.

In 2023, Drifts Festival is realized in collaboration with the Museum of Technology and with the kind support of Kone Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, AVEK,  and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Venue: Museum of Technology
Kuninkaankartanonsaari, Viikintie 1, Helsinki


The venue is accessible by wheelchair.
Our team will do our best to assist you to enter the spaces at any time.

Filter Hall has an entrance door of 73,5cm wide and about 4cm threshold.

Energy Hall has an entrance door of 90 cm wide. There are threshold ramps at the double front door and a stair climber in the lobby into the main venue. There is a wheel chair lift on the right side of the lobby.

Our team will assist you get into the space when you arrive. Feel free to ask our team if you need anything or if something is unclear.


Drifts Festival centers the safety, freedom, and joy of everyone involved while making space for open dialogue, critiques and debates in good faith to happen.

Let’s treat each other with care and respect. To ensure the safety and well-being of everyone present, we all need to take action and take responsibility for our words, behavior, and strive to do better when mistakes occur.
There is no tolerance for discrimination and harassment of any form, including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, age discrimination, classism or body shaming.

Drifts team will always be available to assist and support you in any case. If you notice or encounter any problem, please reach out to us. Our team members can be recognised with Drifts red shirts.  We will address the situation on a case-by-case approach and do our best to handle the issues with care.

There will be a photographer on site to document the event.
Artistic Directors
Soko Hwang, Giovanna Esposito Yussif
Linda Lazarov, Ahmed Barakat
Production Manager
Laura Jurmu
Production Coordinators
Haliz Yosef, Kim Attola
Communication Manager
Phan Nguyen
Lighting Manager
Kristian Palmu
Lighting Technician
Mikko Kaukonen
Sound Manager
Pedro Mac Loughlin
Sound Technician
Miika Kantola
Aala Nyman
Graphic Designer
Ott Kagovere
Web Technician
Tõnu Kaggovere
Veera Kuusisto
Production Assistants
Annika Wuollet, Kai Nikolai